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Hi, I'm Joan. I design and make the Desert Rose collection. I started by making my own show clothing. Then, I started making vests for ebay. I still enjoy the auctions, but now I also do a lot of custom work. 

I have 2 Quarter Horses who live in my front yard, named  Roger and Jack, a Dalmation named Rudy, 3 sons, and a husband. I show Roger, and bring Jack and the rest of the gang along to the shows to cheer him on. We used to show Jack also, but he really prefers to just coach Roger. We also do a lot of trail riding. Our area has lots of nice parks and protected areas, and some great trails.

Roger & Jack

Roger is the bay, and Jack the Red Dun. You would think I was holding carrots instead of a camera . . . come to think of it, that is probably what what Roger and Jack thought!



We stopped at a  restaurant on the way home from a show. The boys were an attraction in  the parking lot. Jack looks chipper, but Roger, having done all of the work, and doing very well I am proud to say,  looks pretty tired.


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